For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Our flagship company, Samsung Electronics, leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media.Samsung

Coolmedia is building different types of applications for the Tablet and Smart Phone that can be variations of TV Widgets made for Smart TV Tvs. These apps are related to specific events or television services along with applications dedicated completely to specific activities such as yoga or football. The applications ‘television’ probably the most interesting from the point of view of innovation belong to the following categories:

Second-Screen apps permit the construction of television experiences increased by extending and making interactive information and related services (eg. E-commerce, advertising, in-app purchase) to a traditional broadcast television (broadcast, linear). For example, if you are following a fashion program, you can learn about what a model is wearing at any given time and purchase a leader in real-time. ? I sync are made or by watermarking or fingerprinting techniques (see glossary).
Multi-Screen: provide access to the same services of Connected TV is fixed through device (eg. Smart TV, IP Box, Game Console) and mobile (eg. Tablet, Smartphone) so, for example, you can continue the experience in the course of a fixing device through the use of a mobile device or vice versa.

 Smart TV Widgets

Coolmedia actively supports Samsung in identifying and developing new business models, strategies and services for connected TV (Smart TV) through the assessment of market opportunities, defining models for content and service providers.

CMI also is active in the adaptation of existing services enhancing the concept, design, implementation and management of these new services to state of the art widgets.

The access to services and content media is done through specific applications, called TV Widgets, which can be pre-installed on the TV from the manufacture or available through a dedicated market-place. The main areas Coolmedia solutions target are:

  • NewsSamsung smart tv
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming, Betting & Gambling
  • Wellness & Health Care
  • Family & Children
  • E-Learning


Tablet & Smart Phone Apps

Coolmedia is building different types of applications for Tablet and Smart Phone devices for Samsung. Some of which are extensions of TV Widgets for  Smart TV consistent with the target context of companion apps defined by Samsung. Other applications implemented related to specific events or television services.Coolmedia sync Nagra Mediaset

COOLMEDIA’s television oriented applications are probably the most innovative and can be grouped into the following categories:

Second-Screen: Allows you to create new interactive user experience enhancing information and creating content related services (eg e-commerce, advertising, in-app purchase) within a traditional television context. For example, if a users is following a fashion program, an application can show a description of what a model is wearing on the TV and let them buy an item in real time. The sync between the video and application is made buy watermarking or fingerprinting techniques.
Multi-Screen: Allows you to access the same services on different devices such as Smart TV, IP-Box, Game Console and mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphone. For example you can continue to view / interact / play starting from a fixed device then continue using a mobile device or vice versa.

Samsung Digital Media projects

Menu Perfetto – is a series of thematic TV widgets, each of which offers recipes for harmonic menus ranging from appetizers to desserts. Each recipe has the right balance between easy cooking, quality and beautiful presentation of the dish. We propose a journey that can satisfy all the senses.Samsung Smart TV app

Stretching Calcio – TV Widgets that professionally instructs football players in stretching exercises. Targeted to improve muscle tone and endurance, both as stand-alone exercise or as a complement to other sports similar to football.

Il Libro dei Colori – A series of widgets to teach children about colors and names fun to color images in black and white

Yoga Starter Kit – It is an application to learn about the history and the bases both theoretical and practical yoga and undertake a road of gradual improvement physical and mental well-being.

Il Mondo degli animali – This series of thematic widgets are dedicated to teaching kids the name and the voices of the animals through several engaging games. This is part of the series: The Sea, the Savanna, and The Farm.

Il Quiz degli animali – it is a series of thematic widgets that, using a quiz in a county context, helps kids in observing their world while learning several types of differences between objects: size, number, form. This is part of the series: Australia, Canada, Europe.