Nagravision MediaLive Client


Nagravision “MediaLive Client” is a cross-platform hybrid client application that manages a highly customizable and leverages on an enhanced version of WebKit browser to guarantee a more flexible management and customization of both user interface and services.betv

The main objective of the solution is to:

  • design a completely configurable user interface based on the integration with cross platform WebKit modules to handle different types of layouts/interaction models using Html 5.0 and JavaScript
  • integrate low level components (security and media player) with WebKit  to enhance device capabilities and support DVB streams
  • keep low level components and service management independent from graphics and skins changes to facilitate the implementation of new broadcaster specific business models or any change into the graphical requirements
  • have a final software product with dynamic architecture and ready to receive broadcaster specific rules, navigation schema and graphics

CMI was presented with an “innovation” award IBC 2013 for the MediaLive Client prototype presented at IBC Amsterdam