Nagra / SmarDTV


Coolmedia has developed several applications from low level CI CAMs to DVB infrastructure to End-user applications in conjunction with Nagravision and SmarDTV over the years.

Adaptive Media Player (AMP)

AMP is a multiscreen application that provides access to Pay TV services – live or on demand – provided by Nagra Service Delivery Platform through an internet connection. It integrates a prototype version of the Nagra DRM, and PRM (Personal Rights Manager), and supports both a  dynamic and static user interface(GUI). The quality and resolution of the content is dynamically adapted to both the quality of the connection and the characteristics of the device.betv

The dynamic GUI leverages the use of HTML5, Javascript and CSS alows AMP to to match the level of presentation, organization and capabilities of the target defivce to the specific needs and business strategies of service providers, allowing a virtually continuous adaptability. AMP has been presented at the 2011 IBC meeting with great interest by industry professionals.  AMP is available on tablets, smartphones, and IP boxes. Apple iPhone OS and Google Android supported

Cool Media Synch

Is a Second Screen solution that allows any broadcaster or content provider to create television programs – sports, documentaries, reality shows, talk shows, movies, commercials – in which Coolmedia sync Nagra Mediasetviewers can interact with ease and in real time through the use of a dedicated app for smart devices. This solution extends and enriches the television experience with the viewer is actively involved with the running of the programs, services, and can interact with information and synchronous access to new personal dimensions.

New social and business can be easily supported:

Users can interact in real time with each other, share their experiences and emotions, take part in the broadcasted event transmitted, obtain new information, join broadcast initiatives
The content provider can develop new service models and content, develop and evaluate new business dynamics in real time monitoring the effectiveness of their content
An advertising agency can extend and enrich their communication patterns with their customers

Other projects

Other projects successfully completed enhancing both Nagra and SmarDTV systems and products

  • Design and development of a prototype solution running on CI + CAM that handles Mediaset PPV services and menu systemMediaset companion app
  • EPG Mediaset POC
  • Construction of a demo on the CI + CAM EPG Mediaset
  • VOD Realization of a possible model for managing access to VOD services through a CI + CAM
  • Zapper
  • Construction of a zapper now / next demonstration for CI + CAM
  • CI + CAM Test Suite: Development of a test suite to verify the functionality of the CI+ CAM and their integration with MHEG applications