Nagravision – MHEG Apps for CI+CAM

All the TV and set-top boxes that integrates a Common Interface (V1 and plus) supports the MHEG standard for providing a common methodology for managing interactive TV services.Mheg apps

The solution is focused on the design and integration of applications embedded in a CI+ CAM firmware that provide an advanced and customizable graphical user interface for managing its services.

These prototypal applications are loaded on request from the CAM, executed on the host device (TV/STB) and control CI+CAM services through a dedicated encrypted channel:

  • Mediaset PPV: application, based on Mediaset spec for set-top box manufacturer, that provides a graphical user interface for accessing all PPV functionalities and information
  • Mediaset EPG: EPG application fully compliant with Mediaset spec
  • Video on Demand: prototype application for the management of navigation, selection and access to VOD services
  • Games: several games (i.e. Bounce, Ping Pong, Nibbler, Rhythm…) to demonstrate advanced graphical and interaction capabilities using the described approach

Several different demo applications were developed for the South African television e.TV