Mediaset SpA is Italy’s most important privately owned communications and broadcasting group and one of the largest in the world. Its success is based on the vision of the founder of the Fininvest Group, Silvio Berlusconi, to create a totally integrated group able to control all aspects of the television business–signal broadcasting, in-house television production, the acquisition of film and drama rights, and the collection of advertising–to successfully challenge the monopoly of the state broadcaster Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI).Mediaset

Coolmedia has successfully developed and deployed its products into the Mediaset offer and infrastructure. Some of the most recent products are as follows:

Smart CAM Companion

The Smart CAM Companion is an hybrid, cross-device client application fully designed and developed by Coolmedia that enhances Mediaset service models, extends user experience, provides full remote control over the Smart CAM, in short:Mediaset companion app

  • Smart CAM detection, configuration and update management
  • Catalogue navigation
  • Content browsing, searching, selection and playout control
  • EPG navigation, channel tuning and zapping
  • Content grouping: favorites, recommended, similar, most seen
  • Customer support: subscribed packages, purchase history

Apps for CI+CAM

design and implementation of embedded solutions that provide an advanced graphical user interface for managing CI+ CAM services. The MHEG based apps are loaded and run automatically on a TV or STB.

They communicate with the CI+CAM through a dedicated encrypted channel.

mediaset infinity coolmediaApps provided are:

  • Mediaset PPV: application, based on Mediaset spec for set-top box manufacturer, that provides a graphical user interface for accessing to all PPV functionalities and information
  • Mediaset EPG: EPG application fully compliant with Mediaset spec
  • Video on Demand: prototype application for the management of navigation, selection and access to VOD services
  • Games: several games (i.e. Bounce, Ping Pong, Nibbler, Rhythm…) to demonstrate advanced graphical and interaction capabilities using the described approach

IRD Command Library

flexible, compact and robust end-to-end solution that extends Mediaset/Nagra infrastructure to manage the definition, distribution and remote execution on customer devices (i.e. CAM, STB) of special commands that provides:low level library

1- maintenance functionalities to support customer care activities
2 – business functionalities to deliver promotional information to clusters of customer identified by rules applied on the information stored into smartcard or device.
The solution is certified by Nagra for Mediaset, is integrated in the new CI + HD SmarDTV and will be short in this device with Alticast firmware (eg Telesystem) and progressively in all devices that support the services of Pay TV Mediaset.

Cool Media is in development of a new version of the library that will extend both the functionality and capabilities promoting a more commercial function with integration with the CA.