Mediaset Premium Smart CAM

Mediaset companion app

The Mediaset Premium Smart CAM is a new generation CAM CI+ (Conditional Access Module Common Interface+) that manages the access to broadcast and on-demand (broadband) Pay TV contents and services on any CI/CI+ enabled device (i.e. TV and STB).

It has been designed and industrialized by SmarDTV, a company belonging to the Kudelsky Group, in cooperation with Coolmedia.Mediaset companion app

The Mediaset Smart CAM Companion is an hybrid, cross-device client application fully designed and developed by Coolmedia that enhances Mediaset service models, extends user experience, provides full remote control over the Smart CAM, in short:Mediaset companion app

  • Smart CAM detection, configuration and update management
  • Catalogue navigation
  • Content browsing, searching, selection and playout control
  • EPG navigation, channel tuning and zapping
  • Content grouping: favorites, recommended, similar, most seen
  • Customer support: subscribed packages, purchase history

Smart CAM

  • It is the smallest available wireless and wifi decoder to quickly and easily access to Premium TV contents, live and on
  • It is fully controlled remotely by the Premium SmartCam Control application for for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Premium SmartCam Controller is the ultimate remote control

Smart CAM