Mediaset Messaging Platform

It is a flexible, compact and robust end-to-end solution that extends broadcaster’s DVB infrastructure to manage the definition, distribution and remote execution on customer devices (i.e. CAM, STB) of special commands that provide:IRD LIB

  • remote maintenance and configuration functionalities to support customer care activities
  • business functionalities to deliver promotional information and new services proposals to clusters of customer identified by rules applied on the information stored into smartcard or device.

It provides support for extended services such as secure broadcast data tunneling and  remote management of personal video recording functionalities (PVR), where applicable.

The Messaging platform is already integrated in Mediaset’s head-end and in most of the Pay TV devices (i.e. set-top boxes, CAMs) for the Italian marketplace, mostly produced by SmarDTV, ADB, Alticast, Skardin, Changhong, Novabase, EasyD.