Digital TV and New Media


Technical and functional reference platforms for New Media, technologies for conditional access and digital rights management, the components of the delivery platform, middleware and applications for Set Top Box and CAM. Established relationships with key technology players in the industry.  Below are some of the principal areas of our product development:

MediaLive Multiscreen

is Nagra’s integrated multiscreen solution that includes all the components to seamlessly take TV experience to the next level.Nagravision BeTV app

  • It provides the ability to access any content at any time regardless of the type of device
  • MediaLive Multiscreen enables service providers to quickly deploy a multiscreen solution that offers a seamless cross-device experience and gives the opportunity to not only retain and increase their customer base but also uplift revenues as consumers are no longer tied to a single consumption pattern
  • MediaLive Multiscreen provides secure management of Premium TV contents delivered across multiple devices, from hybrid and OTT set-top boxes and open devices including PCs, tablet, smartphones, to Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) , connected and game consoles.
  • Coolmedia provides customization services over this platform

QuickStart – Cloud TV

  • QuickStart pre-integrated packages (broadcast, OTT, hybrid, media server & gateway) encompass all the major solution components that are required in order to deliver an exciting range cloundnetworkrev-820of value-added services and TV features from UI-UEX, EPG, Live TV, PVR, catch-up, pause & rewind Live TV, start-over, VOD, companion interactivity, to social TV applications.
  • QuickStart solution includes a range of MediaLive Multiscreen headend, Hosted CloudTV services, SmarDTV integrated set-top boxes, Flexible and elegant Gravity Edge UI, multi-device & multi-OS client application (NMP)
  • Coolmedia provides customization services over this platform


Premium SmartCam

  • It is the smallest available wireless and wifi decoder to quickly and easily access to Premium TV contents, live and on demandSmart CAM
  • It is fully controlled remotely by the Premium SmartCam Control application for for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Premium SmartCam Controller is the ultimate remote controller