Aladinius is a scalable home video gateway (Home TV Cloud) that integrates a wifi hot spot / router, one or more tuners, and a storage subsystem.aladynus streaming

  • It provides video recording/playback/time-shifting capabilities and is able to multicast up to five independent streams to any home connected
    device such as TV, tablets, smartphones or PCs.aladynus streaming
  • Each stream can be either a tuned channel, stored content or a virtual channel coming from the Internet. The user can access to services provided by Aladinius and experience a personalized service independent of what the other people in the house are watching.
  • Coolmedia operates in full partnership with Hyperpanel in the design, development and testing of Aladinius’s overall software infrastructure with a specific focus on client devices. These devices are used to support new business models based on personal selection of video contents that can be of any format and enable access to provided services through the most common platforms and devices, from smart phone to smart TV: Apple iOS, Google Android, Samsung Smart TV, PC